Islands of the Sea Overview


Secularism and a pursuit of leisure, pleasure and wealth characterize Australia . Church attendance declined steadily from 35% in 1966 to 12% in 1990. Less reached peoples are found both among the indigenous Aborigines, the many post-war migrants and the 6.5 million of non-British origin–both Australian-born and immigrants. Witness among the 630,000 students in the 36 universities and colleges are barely adequate.

Pray for hard hearts of the Australian people to turn from materialism and open up to Jesus Christ.

Islands of the Sea

In this group is the largest Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia. With over 200,000,000 people it is also the 4th largest country in the world with very little gospel influence. Pray for laborers to surrender to this country.

Cuba , the only communist dictatorship to survive in the west, is expecting a crisis as the regime of Fidel Castro is soon to fall. Pray for the doors to this country to swing wide open after over 40 years of darkness.

Spread out across the ocean are thousands of islands ranging from millions to just a handful of people with many languages and dialects, all in need of a Savior.

Pacific Islands
17 Countries (population/missionaries):

  • American Samoa (68,089/2)
  • Cook Islands (19,522/NA)
  • Figi (816,905/10)
  • French Polynesia (235,061/NA)
  • Guam (167,556/NA)
  • Kiribati (83,387/NA)
  • Micronesia (118,689/11)
  • Nauru (11,519/NA)
  • New Caledonia (214,029/2)
  • New Zealand (3,861,905/48)
  • Papua New Guinea (4,806,640/62)
  • Samoa (180,073/NA)
  • Solomon Islands (443,643/3)
  • Tonga (98,546/NA)
  • Tuvalu (11,719/NA)
  • Vanuatu (190,417/2)
  • Wallis and Futuna (14,517/NA)

African Islands
6 Countries (population/missionaries):

  • Comoro Islands (592,749/NA)
  • Cape Verde Islands (427,724/NA)
  • Réunion (699,406/NA)
  • São Tomé and Principe (146,775/NA)
  • Seychelles (77,435/NA)
  • St. Helena (6,293/NA)

South Asian Islands
6 Countries (population/missionaries):

  • Sri Lanka (18,827,054/4)
  • Maldives (286,223/NA)
  • Brunei (328,080/NA)
  • Timor Lorosae (884,541/NA)

Caribbean Islands
25 Countries (population/missionaries):

  • Anguilla (8,309/NA)
  • Antigua and Barbuda (67,560/NA)
  • Aruba (102,747/NA)
  • Bahamas (306,529/4)
  • Barbados (270,449/5)
  • Bermuda (64,590/NA)
  • British Virgin Islands (21,366/NA)
  • Cayman Islands (38,371/NA)
  • Cuba (11,200,684/14)
  • Dominica (70,714/NA)
  • Dominican Republic (8,495,338/10)
  • Grenada (93,717/12)
  • Guadeloupe (455,687/NA)
  • Haiti (8,222,025/50)
  • Jamaica (2,582,577/17)
  • Martinique (395,362/NA)
  • Montserrat (3,700/NA)
  • Netherlands Antilles (216,775/NA)
  • Puerto Rico (3,868,602/NA)
  • St. Kitts-Nevis (38,473/NA)
  • St. Lucia (154,366/4)
  • St. Vincent (113,954/9)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (1,294,958/2)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (16,760/NA)
  • Virgin Islands of the USA (92,954/NA)


  • Population 18,879,524
  • Main Religions: Catholic 25%, Anglican 20%, Protestant 13%
  • Missionaries: 108

Other Islands

  • In North America— St. Pierre and Miquelon (6,567/NA)
  • In South America— Falkland Islands (2,255/NA)








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Our team is planning some mission trips to Ireland, the UK, and other parts of Europe and the world.

The trips will include evangelism and ministry, training in evangelism and missions, as well as tours of the local area.

For more information about the trips, you can click here.




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