Our Ministry in Ireland & the United Kingdom

The spiritual situation in UK and Ireland is desperate. With the lack of strong fundamental churches in Ireland, church attendance in the UK falling rapidly (as low as 3% accoring to some sources), and Islam rising, there is a tremendous need for the gospel to be preached in the UK and Ireland. Please pray for men to go to all of the major cities and regions of Ireland and the UK.


Largest Cities in Northern Ireland
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Belfast (280,000)
Londonderry (72,000)
Newtonabbey (57,000)
Bangor (52,000)
Lisburn (42,000)
Ballymena (29,000)
Newtownards (24,000)
Carrickfergus (23,000)
Newry (23,000)
Lurgan (22,000)
Portadown (21,000)
Antrim (21,000)
Coleraine (21,000)

Largest Cities in Ireland
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Dublin (500,000)
Cork (130,000)
Limerick (56,000)
Dun Laoghaire (54,000)
Galway (47,000)
Waterford (40,000)
Dundalk (27,000)
Bray (25,000)
Drogheda (24,000)
Sligo (17,000)
Tralee (17,000)
Clonmel (15,000)

Largest Cities in Scotland
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Edinburgh (450,000)
Aberdeen (190,000)
Dundee (150,000)
Glasglow (120,000)

Largest Cities in Wales
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Cardiff (300,000)
Swansea (170,000)
Newport (120,000)

Largest Cities in England
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London (7,300,000)
Birmingham (990,000)
Liverpool (470,000)
Leeds (440,000)
Sheffield (430,000)
Bristol (410,000)
Manchester (400,000)
Leicester (320,000)
Bradford (300,000)
Coventry (300,000)
Kingston upon Hull (300,000)
Nottingham (270,000)
Stoke-on-Trent (270,000)
Wolverhampton (260,000)
Plymouth (250,000)
Derby (230,000)
Reading (220,000)
Southampton (210,000)
Newcastle upon Tyne (190,000)
Preston (180,000)
Luton (180,000)
Portsmouth (180,000)
Norwich (170,000)
Sunderland (170,000)
Southend-on-sea (160,000)
Bournemouth (160,000)
Middlesbrough (150,000)
Swindon (150,000)


Operation British Isles is a project designed to organize efforts to evangelize and mobilize Ireland and the United Kingdom with the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God.

The term British Isles is a geographical term that refers to the archipelago (group of islands) off the west coast of continental Europe. It is not a political term, but for sake of convenience, we will use it to refer primarily to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have divided the British Isles into 12 major regions. We are praying for God to send forth laborers who will go to these major regions, train men, plant strong churches, and send missionaries out to Europe and the world, making the British Isles once again a center for world evangelism.

The churches in the list below are necessarily endorsed by us.

Republic of Ireland (4.0 million) - Key Cities: Dublin (1,000,000), Cork (150,000)

Athlone: (Pastor Stephen Finley)
Bishopstown: Calvary Baptist Church (Pastor Lionel Smith)
Blanchardstown: Blanchardstown Baptist (Pastor Derry O'Sullivan)
Bray: Calvary Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Richard Fulton)
Cork: Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Craig Ledbetter)
Dundrum: Hope Baptist Church (Pastor Daniel Canavan)
Galway: Galway Bay Baptist Church (Pastor Dennis Jacob)
Laoise: Laoise Bible Fellowship Church (Pastor Mark Tardive)
Leixslip: Riverview Baptist Church (Pastor Bob Zemeski)
Letterkenny: Solid Rock Baptist Church (Pastor Stan Cullen)
Lucan: Gospel Light Baptist Church (Pastor Les Hill)
Mullingar: Good News Baptist Church (Pastor Gene McKinley)
Naas: Naas Baptist Fellowship (Pastor Roger Parrow)
Swords: Lighthouse Baptist Church (Pastor Jerome Pittman)
Tallaght: Lifegate Bible Baptist (Pastor David O'Gorman)
Anchor Baptist Church (Pastor Don Thatcher)

Deputation: Dan Eberly (Word for the World Baptist Ministries)
Deputation: Shawn Bowman (Harvest Baptist Missions)
Deputation: Stephen Kennedy (Pinecrest Baptist Church)

Northern Ireland (1.7 million) - Key Cities: Belfast (300,000), Derry/Londonderry (100,000)

Antrim: Antrim Bible Fellowship (Pastor Matt Parrow)
Ballyclare: Ballyclare Baptist Church
Belfast: Braehill Baptist Church (Pastor Eddie Rae)
Belfast: Bethel Baptist Church (Pastor William Causby)
Clogh Mills: Bethel Baptist Church (Pastor Lawrence Smyth)
Derry/Londonderry: Northwest Baptist Church (Pastor Travis Snode)
Limavady: Limavady Baptist Church (Pastor Kenny Wilson)
Limavady: Roe Valley Baptist Church (Pastor Ronnie Smith)
Londonderry: Bethel Baptist Church (Pastor Mark Bradfield)
Newtownabbey: Faith Baptist Church (Pastor Martin Wickens)
Pointzpass: Pointzpass Baptist Church (Pastor Wesley Crawford)
: Lighthouse Baptist Church (Pastor Don Randall)
Templepatrick: Templepatrick Baptist Church (Ed Bissett)

Scotland (5.1 million) - Key Cities: Glasgow (120,000) Edinburgh (450,000), Aberdeen (190,000), Dundee (150,000)

Glasgow: Glasgow Bible Baptist Church (Pastor John MacLennan)

Wales (3.0 million) - Key Cities: Cardiff (300,000), Swansea (170,000), Newport (120,000)

North East England (3 million) - Key Cities: Newcastle upon Tyne (190,000), Sunderland (170,000), Middlesbrough (150,000)

North West England (5.8 million) - Key Cities: Liverpool (470,000), Manchester (400,000), Preston (180,000)

Blackpool: Victory Baptist Church (Pastor Ian Jamieson)
Bury: Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Simon Watt)

Yorkshire (5.0 million) - Key Cities: Leeds (440,000), Sheffield (430,000), Kingston upon Hull (300,000), Bradford (300,000)

West Midlands (5.3 million) - Key Cities: Birmingham (990,000), Coventry (300,000), Wolverhampton (260,000), Stoke-on-Trent (270,000)

Stoke-on-Trent: Milton Baptist Church (Pastor David Moore)

East Midlands (4.6 million) - Key Cities: Leicester (320,000), Nottingham (270,000), Derby (230,000)

Leicester: Lansdowne Baptist Church (Pastor Roger Tooley)
Stockingford: Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Tom Wallace)

East Anglia (4.6 million) - Key Cities: Luton (180,000), Norwich (170,000), Southend-on-sea (160,000)

Greater London (7.3 million) - International city with ¼ of the population international and over 300 different languages.

South West England (4.9 million) - Key Cities: Bristol (410,000), Plymouth (250,000), Bournemouth (160,000), Swindon (150,000)

South East England (8 million) - Key Cities: Reading (220,000), Southampton (210,000), Portsmouth (180,000)

Exeter: Riverside Baptist Church (Pastor Danny Alford)
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Our team is planning some mission trips to Ireland, the UK, and other parts of Europe and the world.

The trips will include evangelism and ministry, training in evangelism and missions, as well as tours of the local area.

For more information about the trips, you can click here.




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