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Lessons on Salvation

Righteousness and How It is Obtained
Why Did Jesus Have to Die On the Cross?
Salvation - Plain and Simple
What Is Salvation?
Where Do I Go from Here?

Lessons on Assurance of Salvation

Can We Lose Our Salvation?
Justification and Assurance of Salvation
Assurance of Salvation Series - Part 1
Assurance of Salvation Series - Part 2
Assurance of Salvation Series - Part 3
Assurance of Salvation Series - Part 4

Lessons on Bible Study

A Scripture Study Method
How to Get Something Out of Your Bible Reading
How to Have Personal Devotions

Lessons on Baptism

What the Bible Says About Baptism
Two Ordinances of a New Testament Church

Lessons on Prayer

How to Get Your Prayers Answered
How to Pray
Whose Prayers Will God Answer?







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Our team is planning some mission trips to Ireland, the UK, and other parts of Europe and the world.

The trips will include evangelism and ministry, training in evangelism and missions, as well as tours of the local area.

For more information about the trips, you can click here.




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