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April 18, 2022

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Church planting is like child bearing; it is difficult but very rewarding work! Every day brings new challenges to overcome and new victories to win. Like any new church, our church has experienced its share of opposition. Though at times we complain about trials, they actually are very valuable because they strengthen us, mature us, and make us better able to glorify God.

We have seen some exciting things happen in the church recently. A man named Bobby made a profession of faith in Christ on March 31. More folks from our church are helping us with outreach in the community. We did two "servant evangelism events" in our city that were well received. Servant evangelism is doing something to share Christ's love in a practical way that opens up opportunities to share the gospel. We took donuts and church invitations to businesses in our are, and we gave out free water bottles and gospel tracts to people outside the local mall. On April 6, we began a discipleship course for our whole church on Sundays at 10.30 am before the Sunday morning service. The course will run for 16 weeks and will cover the basics of the Christian faith. Those who go through the course can then use the discipleship lessons to help disciple others.

Thank you for praying for the March revival meeting. Bro. Tony Howeth, a director with our mission board, was our guest preacher, and God really moved in a powerful way. We had 40 people in attendance on the Friday night of the revival. Many folks in our church got right with God, and a fire has been started in their hearts that I know will bring forth fruit for many years!

Also, God really blessed our mission trip to Morocco! Our church sent 6 people and a $240 love offering to help the Aaron Bashore family, the Caesar Copa family, and Project North Africa as they plant churches in North Africa. God has opened doors of opportunity, and I am so glad that even at this early stage in the life of our church, Northwest Baptist has been able to help plant a new church in Tangier, Morocco.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers for the following requests: 1) Bible & Local Church Conference with our Pastor, Austin Gardner, on May 21-24, 2) Church Organizational and Charter Service on May 25, 3) $10,000 for a church van (Many folks in our city have no car, and the buses don't run on Sunday mornings, so we need a way to get people to church. Send all gifts to our mission board and mark "Van Fund."), and 4) New believers to follow the Lord in baptism

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Our team is planning some mission trips to Ireland, the UK, and other parts of Europe and the world.

The trips will include evangelism and ministry, training in evangelism and missions, as well as tours of the local area.

For more information about the trips, you can click here.




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