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Vision Baptist Church - Alpharetta, GA
Northwest Baptist -Derry/Londonderry, N. Ireland
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Our Generation Mobilization
Our Generation Training Center - Alpharetta, GA
Baptists Committed to World Evangelism
Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism
Crown College - Knoxville, TN
Rogma International
The Nations for Christ
Carelink International
Medical Outreach
Missionary 500
Project North Africa
Baptist Websites
Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry


Chris Gardner - Missionary to Peru
Craig Ledbetter - Missionary to Ireland
Dan Eberly - Missionary to Ireland
Greg Anderson - Missionary to Peru
Ja Henline - Missionary to Peru
Jacob Taube - Missionary to China/Russia Border
Jason Holt - Missionary to Chile

Jeff Andrews - Missionary to Venezuela
Jeff Bush - Missionary to Argentina
Josh Blair - Missionary to New York City
Joe Kotvas - Missionary to Deaf in Peru
John Anderson - Missionary to the United Kingdom
John Beck - Missionary to Spain
Kevin Hall - Missionary to South Africa
Kevin White - Missionary to Bolivia
Mark Coffey - Missionary to Peru
Martin Wickens - Pastor in Glengormley, N. Ireland
Ronnie Smith - Missionary to Northern Ireland
Stephen Baker - Missionary to the British Isles
Tony Howeth - MWBM Deputation Director
Trent Cornwell - Vision Baptist Youth Director
Tyler Masters - Missionary to North Africa


Servant Evangelism
Anchor Stone International
Answers in Action
Answers in Genesis
Christian Answers
World Cult Evangelism


Caleb Project
Joshua Project
Largest Cities in the World
England and UK Christianity Statistics
UK Church Survey
Why Men from UK Don't Go Into The Ministry Survey



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Our team is planning some mission trips to Ireland, the UK, and other parts of Europe and the world.

The trips will include evangelism and ministry, training in evangelism and missions, as well as tours of the local area.

For more information about the trips, you can click here.




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