Snode Prayer Letter - July 1, 2022

Vision Tour Group

Dear Pastors & Praying Friends,

We have had several new visitors to our evangelistic Bible study in Eltham. Two of those who have visited are ladies that it seems God has been dealing with about salvation.

Both of these ladies have no real church background other than maybe attending Sunday school a few times as children. They both said that God had been dealing with them and they were interested in somewhere that they could study the Bible and learn more. When they received our literature through the door, they decided to come along.

It may be difficult to understand how big of a victory it is when an unbeliever here in England comes to a Bible study or a church service for the first time. They must overcome their own fears, the skepticism of a very secular media, and most likely the unbelief and doubts of unsaved friends.

Please be in prayer for the work in Eltham, that God will give us fruit for our labour, and that we will have wisdom about whether this is an area where we should go ahead with a church plant.

At the end of July, we are looking forward to going back to Northern Ireland for a few weeks to visit friends there and to help out with Northwest Baptist Church, the church we planted in Derry. It has been encouraging to hear how God is continuing to bless the work there. The church has seen quite a few visitors recently including a young man who has started discipleship lessons.

Thank you for praying for the the Vision Tour and Jessica Wachter who is interning with us for six months. The Vision Tour went very well. Jessica has settled in well and has already been a big help.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support.

 - Travis & Teri Snode

Prayer Requests

  • God’s blessing on the evangelistic Bible studies in Eltham

  • Souls to be saved and men that we can train for the ministry

  • Our co-labourers Chris and Sherry Waye

  • Pastor James Wilson and NW Baptist in Derry, Northern Ireland

  • Jessica Wachter interning with us

Download July 2014 Prayer Letter (PDF)

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About Travis Snode

Travis and his wife Teri have been serving the Lord in the United Kingdom since 2004, teaching the Bible and starting churches. They have three wonderful children and are sent out of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA.