Mentoring in the New Testament Notes

Mentoring is a topic that is mentioned often in our culture, but much of the wisdom on the topic comes from experience and human wisdom. Last week, I finished a five-part series on my blog called “Mentoring in the New Testament.”

The series was different because it looked at what God’s Word teaches about mentoring and training leaders. The series comes from a class I taught in June at the Our Generation Training Centre.  You can access all five parts of the series below as well as download the entire series in a PDF.

Believing that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for us, I found these studies to be extremely helpful as I seek to be mentored and to mentor others. I hope that you will too.

Barnabas and Paul - Part 1

Barnabas and Paul - Part 2

Barnabas and John Mark

Priscilla & Aquila and Apollos

Paul and Timothy

Download the Entire Series (PDF)
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