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February 2005


            As we continue to labor here in Northern Ireland, we are burdened with the greatness of the need and the shortness of our time.  Thank you for making it possible for us to be here, and please pray for more laborers.


Roe Valley Baptist Church 

We have begun intense discipleship with the key men in the church.  These men are very willing to serve the Lord yet still lack much training.  As I learn and grow, I am teaching them everything I know.  Also, we have begun a Bible study with a couple who have great potential to be used of God.  Russell really wants God to use him, but Katrina, his wife, is still very young in the Lord.  Pray that God will do a work in her heart so that she and Russell can serve the Lord as a team.  On January 23, we had a special Friend Day, and several new families visited the church.

As you know, Bro. Ronnie Smith, a fellow Macedonia missionary, who started Roe Valley Baptist Church, will be returning in August 2005 to resume leadership of the church.  His desire and the desire of the church is to find a permanent church building.  I would like to ask you to pray about giving toward the down payment of this new building.  We want to help this church become a strong base from which to reach Northern Ireland and the world.


Londonderry & Beyond

            We are continuing to pray for God to lead us to the city where he would have us go after the Smiths return from their furlough.  This month, we spent some extra time in Londonderry.  I am not sure if that is where God wants us to be, but someone desperately needs to reach that city.   Not only is it a very divided city as a result of the Catholic and Protestant conflict, it is also a center for homosexuality and Satanism in Ireland.  It is also a known fact that the IRA is a very real presence in this city.  There is only one independent Baptist church that is reaching this city of 100,000 people.

            Other cities that we are praying about include the ten largest cities in the British Isles of Ireland and the United Kingdom: London (7,393,800), Birmingham (985,900), Glasgow (609,400), Dublin (502,337), Liverpool (466,600), Sheffield (421,800), Leeds (420,300), Bristol (409,300), Manchester (394,300), and Edinburgh (380,500).


Areas for Involvement

            As always, Macedonia World Baptist Missions and the BCWE (Baptists Committed to World Evangelism) team have some very exciting upcoming events in which you can be involved.  In February, there will be two conferences especially for pastors to learn how they can do more to evangelize the world in our generation.  The conference at Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton, GA, will be on February 21-23, and the conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbus, GA, will be on February 24-26.  Also, now is the time to begin registering for the 2nd Baptist Camp for World Evangelism, which will be a tremendously fun and challenging week at Fort Bluff Camp in Tennessee on June 6-10.  For more information about any of these events, go to


Yours to Evangelize the World in Our Generation,


Travis & Teri Snode


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