Becoming Fishers of Men

Mark 1:17 “And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”

Jesus tells Simon Peter and Andrew to come after Him, and He will make them to become fishers of men.  There are two application I would like to make:

1. The natural result of following Jesus will be to become a fisher of men. 

As they followed Jesus, they would learn to fish for men.  As we draw close to Jesus and seek Him with our whole heart, we naturally begin to fish for men. 

A indication that a person is following close to Jesus is how concerned they are for souls and how often they actually witness to people.  A person who is not fishing for men is not following Jesus, because Jesus is always seeking those who are lost. 

Are you following after Jesus?  Are you becoming a fisher of men?

2. The natural result of following us should be that people become fishers of men. 

People are watching you.  You are provide an example to follow.  Your example may be good or bad, but people are coming after you.  It may be your children, friends, siblings, cousins, neighbours, church family, or someone else. 

They are watching.  They are following.  Where will you lead them? 

  • Will they become obssessed with possessions because they followed you? 
  • Will they worships entertainment, sports, or pleasure because they followed you? 
  • Will they just become a “good person” without being a passionate, sacrificial follower of Jesus because they were under your influence? 
  • Or will they love souls, win souls, and do all they can to fish for men because they were following in your footsteps? 

What are those who follow you becoming?


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