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Volume 1, Edition 13 (October 2004)


The Baptist Cry for World Evangelism is the electronic voice of BCWE. BCWE is a team of missionaries, buisnessmen, pastors, and lay people who have one all consuming desire: to glorify God by evangelizing the world in our generation. No, it is not a pipe dream! We work, pray, plan, strategize, and simply believe that we CAN accomplish the work that Christ left us to do.


The purpose of The Baptist Cry for World Evangelism is to enlighten, motivate, and mobilize God's people in the task of world evangelism. We must realize that each and every one of us is commanded and responsible for getting the Gospel to the world. There is a specific place and part for each one to play. We hope that we can help you find that place so you too, can join us in evangelizing the world in our generation.





Waiting for the crescent moon to to appear, the Islamic world prepares for Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calender, and is a month of fasting, prayer, and study of the Quran. It is believed to be holy because it is supposedly when the "holy Quran" was sent to man as their "salvation." The month is held in observance of this event.

This Ramadan is held under a special light because of the constant violence in the Islamic community. Violence from without and violence from within. The Islamic world is using this opportunity to reiterate the peaceful creed of Islam in order to remind the world that they are a peaceful and nonviolent religion.

Sadly, the violence and heart ache that these people suffer is caused by their own beliefs. Their own sects attack them and their own religion inslaves them. They are prisoners of a higher caliber. They are prisoners of intelect and ignorance; they are prisoners of the lies of Satan.

They live through this month not eating or drinking during the day, and only eating small portions during the night. They do this if they do not choose to pray through the night to a god that does not hear them, or reading a book that is telling them lies. They are trapped, and the worst part is that many of them propbaly know that they have no way out. No one is there to take them the gospel. They will die and spend eternity in hell because no one would tell them. Will you?

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Operation Santiago


This upcoming January, 2005, a team of missionaries will be starting Operation Chile: a campaign designed to evangelzie Chile as a part of the plan to reach this world through major cities one person at a time. This campaign will be operated by Brother Jason Holt, his family, and the Aldo Asto family.

The Asto family has already arrived and started Victory Batist Church of Santiago. Jason Holt, his wife Lori, and his daughter Katie will be leaving in January to Chile to help continue this ministry as well as start a Bible College by March 5th. The Operation Chile Team will be working together to train leaders through personal ministry and the Bible College. The goal of training these men is to have them plant churches all over Santiago and replicate the main ministry at Victory Baptist.

Since the main ministry will be based out of Victory, expansion will be necesarry. The building the Team is in now only holds 50 people; but there is a plan in the process for expansion to seat 150. This expansion will be created by purchasing an adjacent house next to the property.

This operation is a large one, and God is already working mightily. Please pray that God will continue to use the Operation Chile Team and for the funds to move forward with the ministry.

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Some Things I Have Learned


How can you better reach your world? These are some more things that I have learned from experience. I hope they are a blessing to you:

-A man can do anything he ought to do. If you ought to do a thing, you can do it. People say to me, "I don't think that is correct. I ought to do so and so, but I can't." Well, if you can't, you ought not to. I have found that there is always a way to do the thing that I should do. It may be difficult. God doesn't always take us over smooth roads. It isn't good for a horse always to travel a level road. I learned when I was a boy that a horse could hold up longer if there were some grades in the road. When a horse goes uphill he exercises certain muscles. When he goes downhill he exercises some other muscles. On a level road the horse exercises the same muscles all the time. You needn't expect an easy way in life. Life's road is never easy. If you haven't any difficulties, that very fact makes difficulties for you. A level, smooth road with no grades to go up is the most difficult road leading to the place we call success.

-You needn't expect an easy way in life. Life's road is never easy. If you haven't any difficulties, that very fact makes difficulties for you. A level, smooth road with no grades to go up is the most difficult road leading to the place we call success.

-It is a man's duty to go as far as he can on the right road. Don't ever wonder where you are going to come out. Just wonder if you are on the right road. If a road is the right road, it will lead out at the right place. Just go as far as you can on the right road. When you get to a wall that you can't scale, God will tear down the wall or put up against the wall a ladder of power. When you get to a mountain you can't climb, God will drop a little rope down from the mountain-top and say, "Take hold; I will pull you up." Keep going. Don't wonder where you are coming out. The right road always leads out at the right place. Go as far as you can on the right road.

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The Shadow of the Almighty


The Shadow of the Almighty is the bestselling account of the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and four other missionaries at the hands of the Auca Indians in Ecuador. Elizabeth Elliot's account is more than inspirational reading. It is the heartbeat of a man fully consumed with God and the lost.

This book will be an inspiration and a help to anyone interested in missions. The life of Jom Eilliot has been a powerful story to incourage young people, pastors, and missionaries for some time now. If you've never read it, you don't know what you're missing!

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Early Registry Extension for the Summit!!!


The early registry discount has been extended to the last day of October! Many have already signed up and have asked for an extension in order to sign up their friends and family in order to meet the "Fill-a-room Challenge".

The Our Generation Summit is being held Dec 16-18, 2004 in Gatlinburg, TN. Plans are underway and rooms are filling fast. As the BCWE team, we are always looking for young people with unusual passion and extraordinary dedication to God and world missions. This brings me to the "Fill-a- room Challenge".

Each room in the Music Road Hotel of Gatlinburg holds 4 people. The first 10 people who fill two rooms (you and 7 others) automatically win the "Fill-a-room Challenge" and earn your spot on a Boeing 777 headed straight for the mission field. If you fill only one room (you and 3 others), you will recieve a $30 world evangelism gift certificate and enter the drawing for a half-paid plane ticket to Peru!

"So, besides paying half the plane ticket myself, what is the catch?" Good question. The only catch is your guests must be at least 17 and be a first time BCWE guest. That means if they came to the camp or either conference (SC and OH) they do not count (and we have records). Even if your brought them to either camp or conference they can't count. Sorry, but those are the rules. What an awesome way to save up to $500 and influence others to not waste their lives!

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