Into All the World














"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."   Mark 16:15


For your interest, please check out the following opportunities for involvement:

1.  The Baptist College for World Evangelism--a college that is designed to prepare you for missionary service, but all of your training takes place on the missions field of Peru, South America under the leadership of veteran missionary Austin Gardner.  You can get two semesters of college credit, your Bachelor's Degree, or your Master's Degree in Missions.  Look at for more information or contact Mark Coffey at [email protected]Click here for more details, application form, etc.

2.  The Acts Program--two months of intense missionary training during the summer for those who want a crash course in effective missionary training.  It primary for those young people who are already in college, but want to go to the mission field during the summer.  For more information email us at [email protected].

3.  The Baptist Camp for World Evangelism--a camp specially designed for high school seniors and college-age young people who are interested in learning more about missions.  It will be an intense week of discipleship, prayer, activies, and teaching totally with the purpose of training young people to evangelize the world.  Dates: June 7-11  Cost: $90  To get a application or more information, contact Aaron Bashore at [email protected]

4.  The Baptist Cry for World Evangelism--a free monthly missions newsletter that will keep you update about mission needs around the world and will provide you will soul-stirring information to promote world-evangelism.  If you would like to recieve this FREE newsletter, please email Travis Snode at [email protected].

5.  High School Chapels--if you would like a missionary to come to your school to present the needs of the world and areas for involvement and to preach on missions, please contact us at [email protected].