Teri's Testimony


   I grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  All my life I attended Forrest Hills Baptist Church, where my dad was on the church staff and where my mom was on the school faculty.

   When I was four years old, my sisters questioned me concerning my salvation.  The Lord used their questions to prompt me to approach my mother about my personal salvation.  After she led me through the Roman's Road, I knew I must confess my sins to a Holy God and ask Him to clean me through Jesus's blood.  That night I became a "child of the King."

   As a teenager, I took a trip with my youth group to a "Youth Congress."  During one of the services, the Lord began dealing with me about surrending to Him for full-time Christian service.  I gave my life to the Lord that night to do His will.

   When I graduated from High School, the Lord led me to Crown College, where I majored in music and English.  There I met my husband, and the Lord dealt with my heat about becoming a missionary.  I had never imagined that I would be a missionary, but now that I am one I can not think of anything else that I would rather do, because I know that it is God's perfect will for my life.