Pastor Stan Anderson 

          Dear Pastor,

            I am pleased to introduce to you Travis and Teri Snode, missionaries to Ireland.  I have had the privilege of being Travis� pastor for over two years now.  As opportunities have been made available, Travis has stepped to the challenge to serve in the local church.  He comes from a fine family who have also given above and beyond in the service of the local church.  Bro. Snode has proven himself to be an asset to the local church by working in the bus ministry, Vacation Bible School, nursing home ministry, and in the youth group.
Having spent six months in Peru as an interim student worker, his burden for missions and more specifically for Ireland has increased.  I can think of no finer young man to recommend to missionary service.  Travis has quality �people� skills and a genuine love for the lost.
             Please give him an opportunity to minister to your church and to share his burden for the lost people of Ireland. 

            In His Service,

             Stanley C. Anderson, D. Min.
            Pastor of Carrollton Baptist Temple

 Missionary Austin Gardner

             Dear Pastor,

             I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend one of the finest young men I know, Brother Travis Snode.  Travis came to Peru on a six-month student program.  He has proven that he can adapt to many different situations and live on the foreign field. 
            Travis is a man of real Christian character.  He loves God and has a deep and passionate love for the people of Ireland.  He has the character and personal walk with God to persevere and get the job done.  I know that he will be a blessing to your missions program and to the folks of Ireland.

           Please consider having him present his ministry in your church and also make him a part of your church�s missionary family.


            W. Austin Gardner
            Church planting missionary to Peru since 1988 and
Spanish South American Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions