Biblical Plan for Mission Work in Ireland

Matthew 28:19-20 

I.      Phase 1:  Cultural Adaptation
      �Go ye therefore��  (Mk.16:15, Jn.2:24,25, I Co.9:19-23, 10:32-33)

A.            We plan to work with another missionary when we first arrive.
1.         To help with field setup.
2.         To help with cultural adjustment.
3.         To learn the basics of how to live in Ireland.
4.         To gain experience under a veteran missionary.

B.            We plan to visit and learn from other missionaries, national pastors, and Irish Christians about:
1.         Common errors new missionaries make.
2.         Cultural lessons that are vital to effective ministry in Ireland.
3.         Possible strategies and plans for reaching the country.
4.         Problem areas that hinder Irish people from accepting Christ.

C.            We plan to live with and become as Irish as possible, so as to lessen cultural barriers and to make it easier to witness to the Irish people

II.      Phase 2:  Evangelism and Discipleship
   �Teach all nations��

A.            Evangelism (Mk.16:15, Ac.1:8, 2:46, Ro.1:15,16, I Pe.3:15)
1.         One-on-one contact
2.         House-to-house visitation
3.         Weekly preaching services
4.         Family meetings
5.         Tent meetings
6.         Radio broadcast

B.            Discipleship (Mt.18:19, Mk.3:13,14, Ac.4:13, I Cor.4:14-17, 11:1, I Th.2:8)
1.         Personal Discipleship
    a.            Of saved converts.
b.            For the purpose of reproducing ourselves.
c.            By training them to win their own people to Christ and disciple
2.         Corporate Discipleship
a.            Home Bible studies
b.            Lessons in booklet form

III.      Phase 3:  Church Planting
   �Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:�
(Mt.16:18, 18:15-19, 28:16-20, Ac.2:47, I Co.11:23-34)

      A.            Under the authority of our sending church: Carrollton Baptist Temple.
B.            Because of the desire of saved individuals to obey God�s Word.
C.            With the voluntary joining together of Irish believers.
D.            Through observance of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord�s Supper
             and through carrying out the Great Commission.
E.            Through a special organization service.
F.            Through regularly scheduled services.


IV.      Phase 4:  Local Church Bible College
   �Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.�
  (Ex.18:17-26, II Ki.6:1-7, Ac.19:9-10, I Ti.2:2)

      A.            A ministry of the local church.
B.            A college to receive training for the ministry.
C.            A place to train and prepare people to reach their own country and other
             countries with the gospel.