Baptist College for World Evangelism Notebook


Table of Contents


Section One�Culture Adaptation

                Rules for Peru�Chris Gardner

                Learning the Language�Chris Gardner

                Translators�Austin Gardner

                Understanding Culture�Chris Gardner

                Culture Shock�Austin Gardner


Section Two�Missionary Methods

                Missionary Method�Austin Gardner

                Finances�Austin Gardner

                Accountability�Austin Gardner

                Missionaries vs. Nationals�Austin Gardner

                Things Americans Do To Offend Nationals�Austin Gardner

                The Priority Pyramid�Austin Gardner

                The Main Missionary Method�Austin Gardner

                Discipleship�Ronald Tubillas

                Restoration�Chris Gardner


Section Three�Issues of Missiology

                Standards�Austin Gardner

                Fellowship�Austin Gardner

                Youth Work�Tony Howeth

                Youth Ministry�Austin Gardner

                Correspondence with other Missionaries�Austin Gardner

                Your Life�s Mate�Tony Howeth

                Maintaining Relationships on the Field�Austin Gardner

                How to Help Your Family Love the Field�Austin Gardner

                Your Relationship With Your Wife�Felipe Choquehuanca   

                Work Schedule�Austin Gardner

                Seven Sins of the Sluggard�Morris Hunsucker

                Risks of the Mission Field�Austin Gardner

                Principles of Dress�Morris Hunsucker

                Christian Stewardship�Aldo Asto

                Dangers of Tatoos�Morris Hunsucker

                Spiritual Warfare�Dean Hamby

                Dealing with Criticism�Fred Kindhart

                Combating Discouragement�Felipe Choquehuanca

                The Cost of Sin�Austin Gardner


Section Four�Raising and Keeping Support

                Raising Support�Austin Gardner

                Deputation Overview�Austin Gardner

                Tips for Deputation�Tony Godzwa

                How to do Deputation�Mike Staley

                Soliciting Money�Austin Gardner

                Quarterly Report�Austin Gardner

                Monthly Support�Austin Gardner

                Home Church�Austin Gardner

                Mission Boards�Austin Gardner

                Three Minute Presentation�Austin Gardner

                Financial Problems�Austin Gardner

                At Lunch with a Pastor�Austin Gardner


 Section Five�Missionary Philosophy

                World-Evangelism�Austin Gardner

                When Did the Church start?�Austin Gardner

                The Mother Church Philosophy�Austin Gardner

                Calvinism�Austin Gardner

                Youth Congress�Austin Gardner

                Missions Trips�Austin Gardner

                Annual Calendar�Carlos Collantes

                Missions Conference�Austin Gardner

                How to Make Your Ministry Indigenous�Austin Gardner

                Passion for the Ministry�Austin Gardner

Section Six�Leadership Training

                Finding a Man�Austin Gardner

                Leaders�Austin Gardner

                True Conversion�Austin Gardner

                God�s Call�Austin Gardner

                The Function of the Man of God�Austin Gardner

                Young Preachers�Ronald Tubillas 

                The Importance of Leaders---Austin Gardner

                Christ�s Leadership�Austin Gardner

                Working as a Team�Morris Hunsucker

                Dress of a Leader�Austin Gardner


Section Seven�Church Planting

              Starting a Church�Austin Gardner

              Using Tracts�Austin Gardner

              Delegation�Austin Gardner

               Men�s Church Business Meeting�Ricardo Calcino

               God�s Witness on the Earth�Austin Gardner

               Cell Groups�Austin Gardner

               Soul-winning�Austin Gardner

               Visitation Routes�Cesar Copa

               Door-to-Door Visitation�Austin Gardner

               Training Ushers�Ronald Tubillas


Section Eight�Catholic Evangelism

                Catholicism: Crisis of Faith�David Bolos

                Catholic Evangelism�David Bolos

                Why Salvation Cannot be of Works�Travis Snode

                The Marks of a Cult�David Bolos

                How to Witness to Catholics�David Bolos

                The Mass�David Bolos

                Tips for Missionaries in Winning Catholics�David Bolos             

                Five Requirements for Catholic �Salvation��David Bolos

                Purgatory�David Bolos

                Verses for Catholics�David Bolos

                Idolatry�David Bolos

                Idolatry of the Catholic Church�Travis Snode


Section Nine�Miscellaneous Topics

                Miscellaneous Notes

                Bitterness�Morris Hunsucker

                Missionary Questionnaires�Morris Hunsucker

                Statistics on Ivory Coast�Dean Hamby

                Lessons from Balaam�Morris Hunsucker

                Using Your Influence�Austin Gardner

                Dispensationalism�Austin Gardner

                Keeping Files�Austin Gardner

                The Biblical Role of a Pastor or Missionary�Austin Gardner

                The Purpose of Evangelists�Austin Gardner

                How to Motivate People�Austin Gardner

                Being a Pastor�Austin Gardner

                Counseling�Miguel Murrio

                Hermenutics�Austin Gardner

                Faith Promise�Austin Gardner

                Preparing the Message�Miguel Murrio

                The Value of Sports�Morris Hunsucker

                The Invitation�Austin Gardner

                How to Motivate People�Austin Gardner