Carrollton Baptist Temple
Home of: Carroll County Christian Academy

1211 Lincoln Avenue Northwest, Carrollton, Ohio 44615  �  330-627-5124

        According to Acts 13 and other portions of Scripture, we believe that every missionary should be sent out of a local, independent, fundamental, New Testament, Baptist church.  Though our church has delegated some of the financial and accountability responsibilities to our sending agency, Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc, our primary sending agency is the Carrollton Baptist Temple.  We are accountable to the church and the pastor of our church.

        We are so thankful for the church home that the Lord has given us.  The people there have been and continue to be very supportive us.  From the Ladies' Christian Missionary Society to the special cards, from their prayers to their faithful support and special gifts, we could not ask for a more supportive sending church.  We praise the Lord for how he has blessed our church.  Under the leadership of the pastors of the church there, we have been able to grow and train.  We have participated in the nursing home, bus, youth, children's, teens, adult, visitation, and music ministries of our church.  We look forward to all that God is going to do through our church both in its "Jerusalem" and in the "uttermost parts."