Resume for Travis Snode



1981-1998                    Mansfield Baptist Temple               Mansfield, Ohio












n     5 years of SMITE (Summer Ministry Internship for Teen Evangelism)

       *  Missions trips to cities in Ohio, Canada, and New York

n     12-day missions trip to Ecuador, South America

n     Involved in VBS, Nursing Home, King�s Kids Program, Bus Ministry, and Song Leading in Teen Class

1998-2003                    Carrollton Baptist Temple              Carrollton, Ohio

n     Started a summer children�s class

n     Preached at the nursing home on a regular basis

n     Directed the choir and congregational singing occasionally

n     Worked on the bus routes

n     Preached and taught children, teens, and adults



1999 - 2003                    Crown College                     Powell, Tennessee

Bachelor of Ministry in Missions

n     Bus Ministry

n     University Ministry

n     Jail Ministry

n     Children�s Ministry

n     Public School Bible Club Ministry

n     Rescue Mission Ministry



June - December 2001     Baptist College for World Evangelism Peru, SA


n     Trained under Macedonia missionaries

n     Learned Spanish language

n     Experienced culture shock

n     Discipled a young man

February 13-25, 2003      Survey Trip                                                Ireland

n     Traveled with Missionary Austin Gardner and two other missionaries

n     Visited 11 missionaries and national pastors

n     Learned much about the country and developed a plan of attack

n     Discussed filling in for another missionary while he returns on furlough