Baptist College for World Evangelism Notebook


Table of Contents


Section One—Culture Adaptation

                Rules for Peru—Chris Gardner

                Learning the Language—Chris Gardner

                Translators—Austin Gardner

                Understanding Culture—Chris Gardner

                Culture Shock—Austin Gardner


Section Two—Missionary Methods

                Missionary Method—Austin Gardner

                Finances—Austin Gardner

                Accountability—Austin Gardner

                Missionaries vs. Nationals—Austin Gardner

                Things Americans Do To Offend Nationals—Austin Gardner

                The Priority Pyramid—Austin Gardner

                The Main Missionary Method—Austin Gardner

                Discipleship—Ronald Tubillas

                Restoration—Chris Gardner


Section Three—Issues of Missiology

                Standards—Austin Gardner

                Fellowship—Austin Gardner

                Youth Work—Tony Howeth

                Youth Ministry—Austin Gardner

                Correspondence with other Missionaries—Austin Gardner

                Your Life’s Mate—Tony Howeth

                Maintaining Relationships on the Field—Austin Gardner

                How to Help Your Family Love the Field—Austin Gardner

                Your Relationship With Your Wife—Felipe Choquehuanca   

                Work Schedule—Austin Gardner

                Seven Sins of the Sluggard—Morris Hunsucker

                Risks of the Mission Field—Austin Gardner

                Principles of Dress—Morris Hunsucker

                Christian Stewardship—Aldo Asto

                Dangers of Tatoos—Morris Hunsucker

                Spiritual Warfare—Dean Hamby

                Dealing with Criticism—Fred Kindhart

                Combating Discouragement—Felipe Choquehuanca

                The Cost of Sin—Austin Gardner


Section Four—Raising and Keeping Support

                Raising Support—Austin Gardner

                Deputation Overview—Austin Gardner

                Tips for Deputation—Tony Godzwa

                How to do Deputation—Mike Staley

                Soliciting Money—Austin Gardner

                Quarterly Report—Austin Gardner

                Monthly Support—Austin Gardner

                Home Church—Austin Gardner

                Mission Boards—Austin Gardner

                Three Minute Presentation—Austin Gardner

                Financial Problems—Austin Gardner

                At Lunch with a Pastor—Austin Gardner


 Section Five—Missionary Philosophy

                World-Evangelism—Austin Gardner

                When Did the Church start?—Austin Gardner

                The Mother Church Philosophy—Austin Gardner

                Calvinism—Austin Gardner

                Youth Congress—Austin Gardner

                Missions Trips—Austin Gardner

                Annual Calendar—Carlos Collantes

                Missions Conference—Austin Gardner

                How to Make Your Ministry Indigenous—Austin Gardner

                Passion for the Ministry—Austin Gardner

Section Six—Leadership Training

                Finding a Man—Austin Gardner

                Leaders—Austin Gardner

                True Conversion—Austin Gardner

                God’s Call—Austin Gardner

                The Function of the Man of God—Austin Gardner

                Young Preachers—Ronald Tubillas 

                The Importance of Leaders---Austin Gardner

                Christ’s Leadership—Austin Gardner

                Working as a Team—Morris Hunsucker

                Dress of a Leader—Austin Gardner


Section Seven—Church Planting

              Starting a Church—Austin Gardner

              Using Tracts—Austin Gardner

              Delegation—Austin Gardner

               Men’s Church Business Meeting—Ricardo Calcino

               God’s Witness on the Earth—Austin Gardner

               Cell Groups—Austin Gardner

               Soul-winning—Austin Gardner

               Visitation Routes—Cesar Copa

               Door-to-Door Visitation—Austin Gardner

               Training Ushers—Ronald Tubillas


Section Eight—Catholic Evangelism

                Catholicism: Crisis of Faith—David Bolos

                Catholic Evangelism—David Bolos

                Why Salvation Cannot be of Works—Travis Snode

                The Marks of a Cult—David Bolos

                How to Witness to Catholics—David Bolos

                The Mass—David Bolos

                Tips for Missionaries in Winning Catholics—David Bolos             

                Five Requirements for Catholic “Salvation”—David Bolos

                Purgatory—David Bolos

                Verses for Catholics—David Bolos

                Idolatry—David Bolos

                Idolatry of the Catholic Church—Travis Snode


Section Nine—Miscellaneous Topics

                Miscellaneous Notes

                Bitterness—Morris Hunsucker

                Missionary Questionnaires—Morris Hunsucker

                Statistics on Ivory Coast—Dean Hamby

                Lessons from Balaam—Morris Hunsucker

                Using Your Influence—Austin Gardner

                Dispensationalism—Austin Gardner

                Keeping Files—Austin Gardner

                The Biblical Role of a Pastor or Missionary—Austin Gardner

                The Purpose of Evangelists—Austin Gardner

                How to Motivate People—Austin Gardner

                Being a Pastor—Austin Gardner

                Counseling—Miguel Murrio

                Hermenutics—Austin Gardner

                Faith Promise—Austin Gardner

                Preparing the Message—Miguel Murrio

                The Value of Sports—Morris Hunsucker

                The Invitation—Austin Gardner

                How to Motivate People—Austin Gardner